Tips for Oily Hair Control

Learn how to make a homemade recipe to control the oiliness of hair.

One of the great problems of women, not only women, but men also, it is the greasiness of the hair, the oiliness of hair hurts us a lot because it spoils our looks, leaves hair looking like dirty and leaves us with the our self-esteem down.

We know that many brands of hair products developed products to combat oiliness, but we also know that often it does not work. Thinking it looked for a homemade recipe that helps reduce oiliness, below. You will need the following ingredients: - 1 filtered water liter - One tablespoon of juá soup - A teaspoon of clove soup - A red rose handful - A tablespoon of lemon juice dessert - A calêndola handful First you put the water to boil so boil put the juá, the clove, the calêndola and roses, cool, strain and add lemon juice.

Once you wash your hair pass the cream and leave it for a few minutes and remove the excess without rinsing. This procedure can be repeated 2 times per week. After being this procedure done her hair were less oil and more beautiful for sure.
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