How To Cover Up Dark Circles - MakeUp

The Learn how to make a recipe to disguise dark circles.

Dark circles are a major problem among men and women, because once aparcem not disappear more, this occurs by stress account, much fatigue and other health problems. If you have dark circles and do not know how to reduce or disguise dark circles, follows a recipe for this problem. Take some white rose petals and 1 liter of flitrada water, bring the water to a boil, then place the rose petals with water leaving for another 20 minutes on the fire.

Then strain the water with the cold water soak a cotton ball and leave on top of dark circles for about 20 minutes. Then just wash your face, done that your dark circles will diminish and that your skin will be much more beautiful and healthy, repeat procedimeto 2 times a week to give more results.
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