Homemade DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

homemade face cream - Recipe and tips

It is essential for all women have a soft skin, cleans, moisturizes and main without blackheads and pimples.

 To achieve this result often use the creams, treatments and a facial with a professional, but do not always have money left over, then the way is to appeal to a homemade recipe! To make homemade recipe you will need: neutral soap; Mascara drying; Lotion tonic or mineral water; Cotton; clean face cloth;

container; Chamomile; Make chamomile tea and allow to cool a little, soak the towel in the tea then put the towel on the face and leave for a few minutes made it pass a swab with water or Tonica lotion on her face. After passing the cotton in the face with water or lotion Tonica take another piece of cotton and wrap it on the finger and pass over the studs until remove all if it is very hard not to move because it will hurt you. Then just wash with mild soap.
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